Aldana's Construction Inc.

Objective: Establish a comprehensive brand identity and online presence from scratch for a longstanding construction business newly entering the digital world.

January 2023 - Ongoing

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No Digital Foundation

Building an online presence for a business that had previously relied solely on word-of-mouth, with no digital footprint, no visual assets, no defined brand identity, social media, or website.

Lack of Visual Content

The absence of high-quality images or any existing visual branding elements that could be used to build a visually appealing online presence.

Generic Industry Branding

Overcoming the challenge of generic branding prevalent in the construction industry to create a unique and memorable identity.

Service Diversification

Differentiating and effectively presenting a diverse range of services—from small residential repairs to large commercial projects—under a unified brand.

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Strategic Brand Development

Developed a fresh brand identity, including a distinctive logo and a tailored color scheme that breaks away from typical construction industry motifs. The new branding reflects the company’s commitment to quality and reliability.

High-Quality Content Creation

Conducted multiple site visits to capture high-quality photographs and drone footage of ongoing projects, creating a robust visual portfolio that showcases the company’s capabilities across various services.

Custom Website Design

Designed and developed a user-friendly, visually appealing website that effectively separates residential and commercial services, ensuring clear navigation and improving user experience.

Clear Service Segmentation

Designed the website with dedicated sections for residential and commercial services, allowing for clearer communication and targeted customer engagement.

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Outcomes and Impacts

Established Digital Presence

Successfully launched the first-ever website and Google Business profile for Aldana’s Construction, significantly enhancing their visibility and customer outreach.

Brand Recognition

Developed a strong, memorable brand identity that differentiates Aldana’s Construction from competitors, with a unique logo and consistent branding across all platforms.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The website has attracted new clientele and increased engagement, with clear, accessible information and professional presentation of services.

The owner, deeply involved in every project but new to digital marketing, expressed tremendous satisfaction with the new brand and digital presence, noting an increase in inquiries and broader business opportunities.

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The project for Aldana’s Construction Inc. was not just about building a website but creating an entire digital identity for a company that had none. It involved understanding and translating the business's core values into a digital format that communicates credibility and professionalism. This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of comprehensive digital strategy on traditional businesses seeking to modernize and expand their reach.

The client for this project is my father, adding a personal dimension to the professional challenge. This familial relationship did not detract but rather enriched the understanding and commitment to the project, ensuring that the business's digital transition reflected its longstanding reputation for quality and trust.

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