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Objective: Develop a professional online presence for a brand new writing coaching service with a lack of client testimonials and a limited portfolio.

January 2024 - April 2024

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Jacob-Isaac Pomales, Pomales Professional Writings
Quotation Marks

"This was a dream of mine for about 3 years and you helped finally make it happen. Once again thank you. It's great quality work."

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Business Strategy

The client was new to running a business and initially proposed pricing and operational strategies that were not optimized for success. This included confusing pricing structures and unclear service terms that could potentially deter client engagement and retention.

Lack of Existing Content

The client was new to the coaching industry with limited content and no client testimonials, making it challenging to establish credibility.

Credibility and Engagement

Developing content that positions the client as knowledgeable and trustworthy, despite being new to the industry.

Imagery and Branding

With a tight budget, finding high-quality, free stock photos and creating a professional logo posed significant challenges.

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Leveraging my experience, in addition to just purely designing and only "giving him what he wanted", I also took it upon myself to undertake an advisory role to guide the client through more effective business strategies. These business and design solutions included:

Rethinking Pricing Structures

I proposed and implemented a revised pricing strategy that was not only easier for potential clients to understand but also better positioned the business in the market. This involved creating bundled service packages with clear benefits, ensuring transparency and enhancing perceived value.

Clarifying Service Offerings

We redefined the service descriptions and terms to ensure they were clear and aligned with what the business could deliver, minimizing any future misunderstandings or client dissatisfaction.

Strategic Communication

Emphasized the client's unique approach and dedication to personalized coaching, helping to build a credible image from the outset.

Content Development

Leveraged the client's own writing samples to demonstrate expertise and crafted compelling website copy that highlights potential benefits for users.

Visual Branding

Designed a simple yet effective logo that better represented his brand, and carefully selected stock photos that also aligned with the brand's identity, supplemented by a professional photo of the client for a personal touch.

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Outcomes and Impact

While it's still too early to measure the long-term success of these strategies through metrics such as client acquisition and retention rates, the client's initial feedback and the professional setup of the business are promising indicators of future performance. The solutions provided have laid a strong foundation for the client's business to grow and thrive in a competitive market.

This project highlighted the importance of strategic resource management, especially when working with startups or clients with limited budgets. It also reinforced the value of transparency and frequent communication, particularly with clients who are less familiar with the web development processes.

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The development of Pomales Professional Writings went beyond simply creating a website; it played a crucial role in realizing a client's long-held dream of launching a professional writing coaching service.

This project was an exercise in creativity and strategic problem-solving, demonstrating that with the right approach, it's possible to create a compelling and professional online presence, even for new businesses without existing portfolios or testimonials.

The client's acknowledgment of the website's role in achieving their business goals and their plans for future collaboration reflect the project's success and the value it delivered, setting a strong foundation for the client's future growth.

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